A Prompt A Day Keeps Writer’s Block Away…

Okay, so one prompt per day is just a tad ambitious, but you get the idea. I tend to work on one prompt or another every day, so that counts! Right?

Anyway, I am really enjoying the reddit prompts at the moment. One prompt that I came across fit perfectly into the story from “A Medieval Tavern”, so I decided to write that prompt using that world. This happened again with another prompt, so I took the story further yet again.

Then it struck me: while I do not feel confident enough to actually begin telling the story I wish most to tell, why not tell another one?

I plan on telling a whole new story using only prompts from the WritingPrompts subreddit, picking and choosing the best and most appropriate ones as and when they come along. I have no idea what will happen and where the prompts will take me, but I think that’s part of the fun!

I figured it might help me begin to approach each chapter as its own miniature story, and I hope that the prompts will help get some variation going through the different themes, settings, characters and lines that are given as prompts. Of course I am also hoping to continue improving my overall skill.

Hopefully it will go well!


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